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ABL has worked in the following sectors;


ABL work with small and medium sized carriers and provide coverage for their air assets, staff and liabilities particularly in challenging environments around the world.


From housing projects to major infrastructure projects, from oil and gas to power, supporting the construction sector is a core activity of ABL.

Cyber / IT

By working with the cyber security industry and with clients, ABL has made it its business to be well versed in a very broad range of cyber risks and how to mitigate against them.

Manpower Services

ABL’s team provide bespoke solutions for clients across many territories and in many situations. Where an acute ability to fully understand the clients’ needs is paramount, ABL offer a broad range of solutions.


The ability to provide strong cover for construction, operations and liabilities coupled with solutions for manpower and supply chain has resulted in this sector becoming one of ABLs growth areas.

Oil & Gas

Having worked in oil and gas markets since 2004, ABL have a wealth of experience in providing bespoke solutions to the broad range of requirements for service companies of all types and sizes to large international oil companies.

Banking / Financial Services

ABL has provided coverage to banks for their operations and supports the private equity industry in its forays into emerging markets through political and credit risk insurance.


Roads, bridges, tunnels, dams and hospitals are some of the key areas where ABL staff have assisted its clients in emerging markets across Africa and the Middle East.

Energy / Power / Utilities

From upstream energy to utilities in remote locations, the ABL team are here to help.  Huge experience in emerging markets means that construction and operational risks can be dealt with.

Media / Journalism

One of the most difficult areas to provide insurance solutions, ABL personnel have been working with this sector since 2004.

NGO / UN / Humanitarian

Such important work deserves strong and thorough solutions.  ABL have huge experience of looking after the NGO sector and it continues to be a growth area.

Project Finance

Supporting the project finance and private equity industries has become ABL’s fastest growing sector. With the provision of political and credit risk, investors and lenders have private sector solutions available to them.


The renewables sector is broad ranging and dynamic.  ABL’s knowledge of the sector has driven them to work with insurers from engineering backgrounds.  This has been hugely beneficial to ABL clients.

Security (Including Maritime)

Working in emerging, post conflict and hostile locations is in ABL’s DNA.  But where others operate remotely, ABL have strong on the ground experience.  Such experience has led to the development of an extensive address book.  ABL both provides for, and works closely with, the security sector.


ABL has, and is, working with telecoms providers across the Middle East and Africa.  Aware of the unique challenges that the sector can represent, ABL has developed markets with appetite for property and asset led insurance solutions.

Transport & Logistics

A core activity of ABL, the transport and logistics sector has represented one of the largest drivers of revenue to ABL. This experience has led to the development of strong, flexible and cost effective solutions with plenty of capacity available to support clients.

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