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Political / Credit Risk

Globalisation and diversification of greenfield fDi investment trends have led investors to look ever further afield for opportunities.  Greenfield investment is a long-term game, while the perception of political volatility increases around the globe.  

Insurance trends are changing; traditional Political Risk Insurance (PRI) covered;

  • Credit and Political Risk
  • Political Violence
  • Crisis Management

Credit Risk insures against non-payment of commercial debt.  In today’s market, Credit Risk might include provision for capital requirements.  

Political Risk covers Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalisation and Deprivation.  With low commodity prices and soft insurance markets, creeping expropriation should be considered a significant political risk threat.

With worldwide political discontent and instability, Risk Managers have ongoing concerns about their people and their assets.  Supply chain exposures remain, but with the advent of “lone wolf” style political violence attacks, business interruption is now arguably a greater exposure than physical damage.

At Alfagates Brokers Limited (ABL)  we believe that Crisis Management represents a significant area for attention.  While kidnap threats remain constant, supply chain, political evacuation, travel management, product recall and cyber exposures represent heightened risk categories.

ABL insurance brokers have emerging market experience hard wired into their DNA.  The company philosophy is one of collaboration – with risk consults, security providers, travel managers, crisis responders.  Our knowledge and expertise in such markets delivers strong relationships and a client focussed solutions-driven culture.

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