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Costruction & Operations


Contractors All Risk or Erection All Risk insurance protects against physical damage to works and site materials that the contractor or operator has been contracted to undertake.  Such losses are normally excluded under a regular Public Liability policy although they may be sold together.  If a contractor causes damage to the element of the property they were contracted to conduct works on, standard public liability insurance may not cover them, whereas a CAR policy would cover costs associated with repairs.


Mining operations are often conducted in remote, harsh and fragile locations.  It is therefore imperative that operators work with experienced insurers with knowledge and a deep understanding of the requirements.  With clients across Africa and other parts of the world, ABL is an expert in providing the specialist cover needed for contractors, their property, staff, liabilities, operations, supply chain and even its sub-contractors.

Oil & Gas

ABL staff offer many years of knowledge and experience of working with clients across the oil and gas sector to deliver specialist insurance services, backed up by major capacity providers to manage energy risks of differing sizes, plus an outstanding reputation for responsive and pragmatically managed claims and risk consulting.


ABL works with dedicated power specialists that focus on supporting the risk management and insurance needs for our clients in the power generation and utility industries. This local and international approach provides comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory, geographic, environmental, technological and financial aspects of power generation.

With access to expertise in all areas of power generation including fossil fuels, sustainable and renewable energy and nuclear power, we help clients identify, manage and mitigate risk exposures cost effectively and efficiently.

We offer expert risk management and insurance support throughout the lifecycle of a power project.

Renewable Energy

ABL has vast experience in the international and domestic renewable energy sector. Tailored insurance solutions provide the cover needed to operate safely and successfully almost anywhere on the planet. From anaerobic digestion schemes to wind, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric and solar projects, our experts can arrange the very best, comprehensive insurance solutions providing cover from project start to finish.

Our holistic approach can start by providing political risk insurance against your investment.  We then have strong solutions which encompass construction and operational risks to include business interruption, cargo and liabilities. We have taken time to source strong markets with an appetite for emerging markets.


Over the past few years, ABL has focused on gaining a genuine understanding of the issues and exposures relating to cyber. This granular approach to market understanding, coupled with close relationships in the cyber security industry has led to the creation of a comprehensive and holistic approach to eleven separate cyber exposures.

ABL has a Risk Management approach to cyber security and insurance, with advice on provisions for capital reserves, PR and crisis response and retained penetration testers and post breach remediation specialists.

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